Tungsten Weights

A no brainer for tournament bass anglers, the choice can be a bit tougher for the common anglers.  Tungsten offers anglers  a more compact weight, higher sensitivity, more colors and more noise.  The density of Tungsten allows fishermen to use smaller sizes for the same weight of lead counterparts.  This can be a huge advantage when trying to remain snagless around vegetation or other underwater debri.  The sensitivity allows for a better “feel” for bottom structure or detect bites.  When fishing a Carolina Rig with Tungsten weights it can let you know if the bottom is sand or gravel by the vibrations it transmits back through your line.  When fishing a Texas Rig as a fish bits onto your lure that vibration travels back to the angler allowing better bit detection.  Tungsten is also available in a variety of colors allowing anglers to try to camouflage their weights.  The density also lends itself well to creating noise when a glass bead is added to the rig.  Add in the fact that Tungsten weights have no environmental or health drawbacks there is a pretty lofty list of reasons to use Tungsten.  The only downside is price.  Tungsten weights will generally be two to three times as expensive as their lead counterparts.