Texas Rig

The Texas Rig most commonly uses a bullet weight, which is allowed to freely move up and down the line directly above the hook.  Often a bead is placed between the weight and the hook to prevent line damage to the knot.  This rig can be fished by casting or flipping the bait near cover and letting it settle to bottom.  Slide, shake, hop, or drag the bait through the area depending on the fish want.  Bite detection can be difficult and it will take some time to detect the different feel of contact with cover on the bottom and a fish.  Using braid or fluorocarbon  fishing line will help with line sensitivity to better feel fish since they have little to no stretch.  The hook is usually Texas rigged with the point buried inside the soft plastic lure.  Another option is a Tex-Posed hook, the hook point is allow to break through the top of the soft plastic lure and rest snug on top.