Slow Death Rig Tips

Tips for Fishing the Slow Death Hook Rig:

  • APPLICATIONS: This is a versatile, year-round power finesse presentation. It can be fished fast or slow, has the attractiveness of live bait and adds an irresistible action. The unique hook design creates an enticing corkscrew presentation. This is a slow bottom-bouncing presentation technique that lets you present the bait in cracks, crevices and little corners that faster blade presentations skip over.
  • TO RIG: Attach a bottom bouncer rig to your main line. Next attached the Slow Death Rig to your bottom bouncer and finally thread half a night crawler up the hook shank over the hook eye. There should be 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of night crawler hanging off the hook. For example, combine with the Rattl’n Bottom Bouncer to increase the attraction.
  • TO FISH: Use your trolling motor and keep speeds from 1 mph to almost nothing. The key is to keep just enough speed so the crawler spins. Can also be used effectively when drifting.