Quick Strike Rig

The Quick Strike Rig is a live bait rig, often used to present large baitfish.  It features two treble hooks, a swivel, leader line, and typically a float.  The rig begins at the standing line which is tied to a swivel, a leader is then attached to the swivel.  Typically strands of wire are used for leaders because pike and musky are primary targets of this rig.  When using wire, the leader is wrapped around the shank of the first treble hook and an additional treble hook is tied 2 to 6 inches past the first treble.  When tieing quick strike rigs with regular fishing line pass 12-15 inches of line through the eye of the first treble and tie a snell knot.  Tie a snell knot to the second treble 2-6 inches below the first.