Fluorocarbon is a carbon based fishing line that has tremendous benefits for anglers.  Possibly the most popular benefit of fluorocarbon is that its refractive index is so similar to water that it is nearly invisible underwater.  Fluorocarbon is stiffer than monofilaments and also has low line stretch, therefore offering high sensitivity to anglers.  While fluorocarbon does not stand up to braid when it comes to line stretch it does offer a lower stretch than monofilaments.  Fluorocarbons also have high abrasion resistance making them durable when fishing cover and structure.  Add in the quick sink rate, low line memory, and UV resistance and it is easy to see why this line is so popular.  Due to the durability and low line visibility fluorocarbon is also a great option to be used as a leader for braided lines.  Fluorocarbon excels in clear water or when fish are finicky and is a great all around line for anything from trolling to finesse tactics for bass.