Fishing Knot Terminology

Tag End- This is the end of your line (or leader) used to make the knot.

Standing End- This is the part of your line that is attached to the reel or backing and is opposite the tag end.  When tying a knot this part of the line ‘stands’ still.

Backing Line- This is attached to the reel.  Backing line is commonly used with braid to ‘fill’ up the spool.  Braid has such a thin diameter it takes much more to fill a spool on its own.  Putting mono as backing line saves using too much expensive line to fill a spool. 

Breaking Strength – The amount of poundage pressure that it takes to break line, displayed in pounds.

Leader – A piece of line added to the standing line and then tied to a hook or lure.  Anglers commonly tie fluorocarbon leaders onto braided line to lower visibility in clear waters.

Loop- A circle formed by placing the tag end over itself.

Bight- A section of line that is bent in a U-Shape.

Elbow- Created when an extra twist is added to a loop.

Wrap- A rotation made with the tag end of the line around the standing end.