Nebraska Custom Tackle strives to make your walleye fishing experience as memorable as possible with the best quality built tackle and walleye fishing tips and information on how do use our custom built spinners, jigs, live bait stringers, bottom bouncers, and accessories. Many of our fishing tips have been developed after more than 26 years of experimenting with new lures and variations on existing tackle. If you have a special tip that works for you we would be glad to hear from you.


What colors should I use?

We have always stuck with the old wives tale and it works well for us. Bright days use bright colors, cloudy days use dark colors, stained water use orange, red, chartreuse, pink and white. Clear water use nickel, brass, blue, black, green and purple.

What size of blade should I use?
The smaller blades such as Colorado #3, Tomahawk #4, Indiana #2 and Dakota #1 do the best in cool and clearer water because walleyes require less intense vibration. The larger blades such as Colorado #4, Indiana #3, Dakota #2 and Willow #3 are more effective in low clarity warm water because more vibration and flash are required to attract attention.

What type of blade should I use?
Each blade design makes its own unique sound, which is picked up by the walleye’s lateral line, ultra sensitive nerve endings along each side. Because popular blades such as the Colorado and Indiana are so widely available in stores, people tend to think they are the only blades to use. Although those blades are very effective, we suggest going to the Willow, Tomahawk or Dakota when you are on to non-aggressive walleye or over fished areas. Sometimes the change of music is enough to trigger the walleyes to bite. The Dakota blade is our personal favorite.

When should I use Live Bait Rigs?
Live Bait Rigs consist of a hook and an attractor bead or a float and are really effective during cold fronts or cooler weather such as in early spring and late fall. We like a slow presentation pulled behind our Spoonbill Bouncer or Walking Sinker. The Live Bait Floater Rig can be deadly once you have discovered suspended walleye – it puts the bait right in the strike zone!

How do I use the Colorado Jig?
The Colorado Jig was an idea Greg Schupe came up with in 1990 for my friends who didn’t like to jig fish. When fishing for walleye, they drifted a large percentage of the time. So Greg thought they needed a jig with a wider base to keep the hook up at all times – it was an immediate success! I favor the Rattl’n Colorado Jig when vertical jigging because of the way it erratically drops with a sound that wakes up even lock jawed walleye. When we drift fish with two rods each, I always have a Colorado Jig on one of them and usually baited with two minnows. Now jigging isn’t just in the spring and fall, you can use this jig all year round – even through the ice!

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