Carolina Rig (Slip Sinker Rig)

The Carolina Rig most commonly uses a bullet or egg weight above a swivel that is attached to a leader (using a Palomar or Improved Clinch Knot) anywhere from 18-40 inches of line tied to a hook.  The function of the swivel is to act as a stopper, you can also add a bead above the swivel.  You can turn your Texas Rig into a Carolina Rig you can put a split-shot in place of the swivel to act as a stopper.  When bass fishing the Carolina Rig a cast and slow retrieve method is the best.  The idea is to slowly drag the sinker while the bait hovers above.  While the Carolina Rig was born for bass fishing it can also be adapted as a drift fishing set up for walleyes. 

The Slip Sinker Rig is essentially the same as a Carolina Rig merely exchanging the bullet weight for either egg, bell, or walking sinkers.