Spinner Rigs

Walleye spinner rigs have been a staple in walleye fishing for decades.  Spinner rigs are a great way to present live bait to walleyes throughout the water column.  Commonly paired with bottom bouncers these rigs catch walleye on big or small waters.

Colorado Spinner Rigs

  • Spins at a 50 degree angle.
  • Slow spinning blade and makes a thumping sound.
  • Good choice in low clarity water and at night.

Dakota Spinner Rigs

  • Spins at a 30 degree angle.
  • Innovative blades with a shape that reduces resistance.
  • Easily spins at slow speeds.
  • Unique cut-out creates more sound and flash and allows beads to show through.

Indiana Spinner Rigs

  • Spins at a 40 degree angle.
  • Good intermediate blade and works well all season.
  • Less sound than Colorado but more flash.